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Doug Brode’s new “nonfiction novel” retells the Kennedy assassination from Oswald’s perspective

Dallas, TX – Sunbury Press has released Douglas Brode’s new novel “‘Patsy!’: The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

"Patsy!" by Douglas Brode

“Patsy!” by Douglas Brode

About the Book:

Since the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy, three theories have been forwarded as the involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald: that he was a lone assassin, as the Warren Commission claimed; that Oswald was a part of a vast, complex conspiracy to kill the sitting president, as those who reject the Warren report insist; and, finally, that Oswald was not involved, either singly or collectively, in what went down that day in Dallas. The greatest stumbling block to the latter has to do with hard, cold evidence: Not only was Oswald located on the sixth floor of the book depository that day; he absolutely carried a rifle with telescopic sight and fired it out the window. How could it be remotely possible, then, that Oswald was completely innocent as to JFK’s murder?

In his latest iconoclastic work, prolific writer DOUGLAS BRODE presents a detailed argument as to the theory of innocence, taking into account one of Oswald’s final statements–“I’m a Patsy!”–proceeding from there to trace this unique man’s entire life. Such materials are juxtaposed throughout the book with larger, greater world events that, when viewed from a contrarian perspective, may shed light on who actually wanted Kennedy dead and why. This non-fiction novel is written in the style of an imaginative work, yet events detailed here remain true to fact. As Brode reveals, we can precisely know what Oswald did and said that day, but what actually went on in his, or any person’s, mind can never be fully reclaimed from history, therefore reconstructed here in a freely creative manner to offer “a truth,” if not “the truth,” as to what may have actually happened fifty years ago, and why.

About the Author:
Douglas Brode is a novelist, graphic novelist, produced playwright, Hollywood screenwriter, film and TV historian, and multi-award-winning journalist. His more than thirty-five published books include the novel Sweet Prince, a retelling of the Hamlet legend, and Shakespeare in the Movies for Oxford University Press. He and Carol Kramer Serling collaborated on Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, the only official analysis of that late author’s work and vision. Among Brode’s best known books are studies of the careers of directors Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, such genres as the gangster film and the Western, and the relationship of popular culture to contemporary politics. Brode’s op-ed pieces are regularly syndicated to newspapers across the country. During the course of his lifetime, Brode has been employed as a TV talk show host, radio commentator, drama and film critic, regional theatre actor, and magazine editor. As an educator, Brode teaches at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, during the fall semester, and for the department of Philosophy and Classics, University of Texas at San Antonio, each spring.

“Patsy!”: The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald
Authored by Douglas Brode
List Price: $16.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
350 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620061909
ISBN-10: 1620061902
BISAC: Fiction / Historical

Cover artwork by Joe Orsak

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Also available on Kindle and Nook


John Scanlan’s “Of Guilt and Innocence” again tops Sunbury Press’s list — March bestsellers

Mechanicsburg, PA – “Of Guilt and Innocence”, John Scanlan’s debut police-procedural mystery,  was #1 in print for the second consecutive month thanks to brisk eBook sales. Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart – the Truth at Last,” about the disappearance of the famed aviatrix, ranked 2nd due to strong sales in all formats.

Of Guilt and Innocence

Of Guilt and Innocence

Sunbury Press experienced its best March yet, and its best first quarter ever. In fact, it was the company’s strongest non-holiday quarter in its history!  Sales for March 2013 were up 29% over the prior year, with growth in eBooks outpacing growth in print. “Our strong start continues,” said publisher Lawrence Knorr. “Sales are up 40% year-to-date. EBook sales are nearly double last year, and 8x 2011 during the same quarter. Our best-seller sold more units as an eBook for the second straight month.”

Joanne Risso’s children’s book “In the Field,” about a little boy communing with nature, ranked 3rd thanks to author events. Her book “Over the Sea,” about the mysteries of water, also made the chart at #8.

“Hour 30,” Dr. Brandon Musgrave’s testimonial about life in medical school continued to sell well, rising to #4.

Jess Steven Hughes’ novel “The Sign of the Eagle,” set in ancient Rome, was #5 in unit sales thanks to author activities.

“There is Something About Rough & Ready: A History of the Village at the Heart of the Mahantongo Valley” ranked #6, as regional sales continued to be brisk.

Robert Miller’s “The Cogan Legend,” a novel set in antebellum Pennsylvania, ranked 7th thanks to author activity.

“In the Shadow of a Mountain,” Susan Dahlgren Daigneault’s memoir about her famous father, WW2 hero Ed Dahlgren, “The Sergeant York of Maine,” returned to the charts at #9 thanks to author appearances.

Dr. Brad Johnson’s and Mary Dimino’s “Scared Skinny No More!” debuted at #10 thanks to advance sales.

Following are the top overall print sellers by category:

History / Memoir – “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” by Mike Campbell
Fiction  – “Of Guilt and Innocence” by John Scanlan
Horror/Mystery – “Of Guilt and Innocence” by John Scanlan
Children/YA – “In the Field” by Joanne Risso
The Arts – “Contemporary Photo Impressionists” by T K McCoy
Self-Help – “Scared Skinny No More!” by Brad Johnson & Mary Dimino
Metaphysical/Spiritual – “Messages from Beyond” by Michele Livingston
Reference – “Education Behind Bars” by Chris Zoukis

The company released eight new titles during the month of March:
“In the Field” by Joanne Risso
“Beyond the Sun” by Sean Madden
“MONAD” by T Anderson
“The Boy from Saturn” by Sean Madden
“Ghost Shadows” by Thomas Malafarina
“The Sea is a Thief” by David Parmalee
“Tinseltown Riff” by Shelly Frome
“Scared Skinny No More!” by Brad Johnson & Mary Dimino

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