Missing Children May Be Muti Victims: Child’s Skull and Bones Found Outside Cape Town

Mason Barry Wednesday 15 May 2013

child skeletonThe skull and rib bones from a small child have been found outside a shanty near Cape Town. Forensic tests on the bones have concluded the body underwent severe trauma. Police have called the findings inconclusive, but the initial report on the death has the Cape Town locals fearing this may have been yet another muti-murder, a sacrificial killing. One local, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “This has come too close to home. And a child? I don’t understand why people do such things.”

In the past year, nine children have been reported missing from several different shanties within ten kilometers of each other. Officials are looking for a possible connection. Inspector Tseme Dusu, an officer with the Unit—the only police force in the world dedicated to supernatural crimes, believes the number of missing children may actually be higher, noting not all those who go missing are reported.

capetownI believe we are looking for a serial killer, not a sangoma,” said a police official on the scene, Captain Massu Thuzien.

Belief in the power of harvested body parts has spread,” countered Inspector Dusu, pointing to the recent prosecution of a Johannesburg mortuary owner accused of selling body parts.

Although most people don’t care where the body parts come from,” said Dusu, “most want to be assured that the victim’s death was violent in order to increase the potency of their black magic.”

(this is a fictional news item related to the new novel The Bookseller’s Secret by Catherine Jordan)


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