Increase in Unsolved Missing Cases Highlight Police Shortcoming

Mason Barry Friday 17 May 2013

saps-logoA mother of a missing youth claims when she reported her daughter missing, the police did not even take down the child’s name.

The increase in the unsolved missing cases highlights police shortcomings,” said Inspector Tseme Dusu of the Unit, a specialized police force located in Pretoria dedicated to supernatural crimes. Inspector Dusu was on the scene at a township in Cape Town investigating the skull and rib findings in early May. He was willing to go on the record with his response. “We must work together, not independently of each other. Regardless of whether or not the local police take juju seriously, they must at least admit the seriousness of these crimes.”

Why my child?” the mother asked.

Why so many children?” another parent asked.

The genitals of young boys and virgin girls are regarded as being especially potent,” said Inspector Dusu. “And unfortunately, here in the townships where children run around unattended and where the people are often ignored by the police, the children of the shanties have become easy targets.”

(this is a fictional news item related to the new novel The Bookseller’s Secret by Catherine Jordan)

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