South Africa’s Haunted Forest: Chilling Firsthand Account

Mason Barry Saturday 1 June 2013


Aokigahara Forest

Enamored with haunted places? The most haunted forest in the world was the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, said to be the site of hundreds of suicides. But I say the most haunted spot to visit is Llandudno, South Africa.

Nestled between the Atlantic and the Table Mountain sits a house that appears to teeter on a ledge. Want to visit? The owners do not welcome visitors. But if they did …

You would travel the long path to her house, which winds up and down the mountain and is dark and eerily quiet. A dense forest surrounds the property, and if you venture off the beaten path, you might never be found. You will wonder if someone or something isn’t hiding in the trees’ shadows, watching.

The house is rumored to be haunted by deceased author Eva van Hollinsworth. According to her relatives, Eva was involved with fortune telling, spell casting, and concocting potions. She died tragically in her home giving birth to her daughter. She is survived by her partner, Jeffrey Thurmont, Esquire, and their daughter. Neither has confirmed nor denied the haunting. 

(this is a fictional news item related to the new novel The Bookseller’s Secret by Catherine Jordan)


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