South African Police Hunt Grave Robbers: Body Parts are Being Removed From Graves

Mason Barry Monday 8 July 2013

201312794330482734_20Police are looking into a bizarre trend of grave robberies in the north province area. The robbers are exhuming bodies within hours of burial and removing body parts from the deceased. At least one open grave was missing the entire corpse.

Police officer and spokesperson Captain Massu Thuzien said, “We do not know why anyone would do this. We have launched an investigation, but, as of yet, we do not have any leads.”

No witnesses have been found in any of the crimes, and police are asking the public to come forward with any information they might have.

When asked if the robbers are targeting the graves for black magic purposes, Captain Thuzien said, “These past few bizarre incidents have been very difficult for the families. We want everything left in the hands of the police.”


(this is a fictional news item related to the new novel The Bookseller’s Secret by Catherine Jordan


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